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Seasons of Change

Fall 2021

Hello Midwest Chapter Community!

It’s hard to believe that summer is coming to a close; I hope you found time to relax, refresh, and enjoy every minute. When the Board term started in June, we hoped to see members in person and adjust to a “new normal.” Since that’s not happening, we are excited to host our first virtual conference on September 23. Being virtual gives us the opportunity to book speakers from across the U.S. and open conference doors to attendees who typically can’t make the trip to Chicago for a day. This year’s theme is Resilience and we’re blown away by the content our speakers will be bringing. We hope to “see” you there!

Also, this fall we have an exciting lineup of monthly webinars, a Cheers for Change networking event, and an October Prosci certification course. We also launched the Midwest Connect Community on ACMP Connect (see articles below).

If there is anything the Board can do to serve you better, please don’t hesitate to contact me at vice.president@acmpmidwest.org.


Christy Moody, Vice President

    Join us at MCC 2021!

    Director of Strategic Relationships Board position open

    The ACMP 2021 Midwest Change Conference is right around the corner on September 23. Hosted virtually on vFAIRS, the dynamic speaker lineup provides the tools, inspiration and best practices of building and demonstrating resilience in an ever-changing environment.

    In addition to the exceptional speakers, we have 11 sponsors easily recognizable as thought leaders and advocates in change management. During the conference, attendees can network with them in the virtual vFAIRS booths. Come to listen and learn from fabulous speakers and sponsors while networking with friends old and new!


    Bloggers, we want you! 

    The ACMP Midwest Blog is a new opportunity for members and invited guests to showcase their expertise and cutting-edge insights in the field of change management. Blogs are delivered to members as a feature in the ACMP Midwest newsletter. ACMP Midwest members will take away practical and applicable information from these blogs that translates into more robust and effective change practices.

    Desired blog content speaks to what member surveys indicate to be of interest, e.g., agile, virtual/hybrid distributed work; diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I); neuroscience; change analytics, as well as other topics that uphold the ACMP standard and chapter values. The recommended length of blog submissions is 400-2,400 words. For more information about writing and submitting a blog, contact David Wunsch.

    Connect with the Midwest Chapter Community on ACMP Connect

    Announcing our new online forum ‒ Midwest Chapter Community ‒ on ACMP Connect!

    We're thrilled to have a new space for members to network, ask questions, find support, and meet other local change professionals. Sign in today, introduce yourself, tag your peers, share a discussion post, or add a facilitator below.

    The Midwest Chapter serves ACMP members in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana, as well as members across the country. In this community, we plan to use this forum to drive local relationship building, chapter engagement, career advancement by offering learning areas of interest, professional development opportunities, trending tools, local event discussions, partnerships in change, and volunteer opportunities.

    ACMP upcoming events

    Mark your calendars for these upcoming events. Most are free, others offer a discount to Chapter members. Click here for details and to register.

    Are you looking for ways to grow your resilience? Join us September 23, 2021! Keynote speakers include:

    September 15
    We are living in a time where change is constant, and employees are experiencing a volume and velocity of change like never before. The new normal must lend itself to a different approach to motivate and mobilize employees if we expect change to stick in a volatile world.
    September 28
    Join us at this virtual networking happy hour to say, "Hi!" to familiar faces and meet new members, while we reflect on the MCC speakers, topics and learning. It's a great way to share perspectives, insights, and hear about sessions you weren't able to attend. Hope to 'see' you there!

    Weekly sessions starting October 1.

    The course meets one day a week for four weeks to explore each paragraph of the CCMP Standard and how to apply it in your change management practice.

    October 12-14

    Learn and apply Prosci's methodology to one of your active projects. Leave with the tools, know-how, and support you need to consistently and successfully drive change going forward.

    For more information about any of the chapter events, visit the ACMP Midwest Events page. *ACMP Midwest Chapter members receive a discount.

    Global ACMP resources

    CHG MGMT: Global Connect 2021 Video Bundle: Access all the live education sessions, excluding the opening keynote, and all the pre-recorded sessions until April 3, 2022.

    ACMP’s 10-Year Member Quest: This year is ACMP’s 10th Anniversary! To celebrate this significant milestone, we invite YOU to join us on a special Member Quest. And congratulations to our June Champion, Kimberly Hall.

    Cheers for Change ‒ Halftime Chat!

    ACMP Midwest Membership Committee held another virtual Cheers for Change in June with a nod to being halfway through the year! We used the theme to drive discussion ‒reflecting on our own halfway points and how to keep momentum, energy and team morale (or create it!). Such insightful dialogue across a powerful group of change leaders with a consistent message to engage, reward, check in, focus, adjust, and celebrate. Along with the discussion came some hilarious one-liners and catchy phrases that will be sure to stick!

    In the end, we parted with key takeaways to implement on the spot, resources to leverage, shared laughs, and an expanded network of inspiring change leaders. Did you miss this one but want to join in the fun? We have you covered! Register for the next Cheers for Change on September 28 at 4:00 p.m., CST.

      Volunteer Spotlight: David Wunsch

      What kind of work do you? I am change practitioner who is passionate about helping organizations and the people in them reach their potential. My practice area is primarily in the nonprofit sector facilitating culture shifts, technology implementation, and business process redesign.

      What do you do as a volunteer? I am a member of the Learning and Professional Development Committee. I coach webinar presenters and prepare them to deliver high quality, engaging content to ACMP-MW members. I also coordinate blog content in coordination with the Marketing and Communications Committee.

      Why is being a part of the ACMP community important to you? For me, professional learning and growth happens best alongside a community of dedicated and seasoned change practitioners. That is what I have found in the ACMP community. These connections are essential for me because the field of change management is so broad and constantly evolving. The ACMP community helps me stay at the top of my game!

      What do you wish more people in the business world knew or understood about Change Management?  I wish people knew more about the broad range of business transformations that could benefit from frameworks and tools that change management offers. This goes for both the type of change projects, as well as organizations, especially those in the nonprofit sector.

      What are you looking forward to professionally? I recently completed a certificate program at Northwestern University in Designing for Organization Effectiveness. I am looking forward to applying some of the new frameworks I learned in organizational design, knowledge management, and evidence-based performance measurement to designing customer-centered change solutions.

      What do you do for fun? I enjoy riding my bicycle, cooking, singing in a choir, and global travel – which I hope to be doing a lot more of in 2022.

      Volunteer opportunities – Membership Committee

      Are you looking to get involved at ACMP Midwest? Membership Director, Angie Hall, is looking for Regional Leads in both the Wisconsin and Chicago areas. These positions provide an opportunity to gain visibility, enhance membership experiences, and become part of a dynamic network of volunteers across your change community.


      ACMP Midwest is a 501(c)(6) organization

      Email: membership@ACMPmidwest.org
      332 South Michigan Avenue, Suite 1032-A42
      Chicago, Illinois 60604-4434

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