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Seasons of Change

ACMP Midwest Chapter Quarterly Newsletter - Summer 2019

In this edition of Seasons of Change – our newly named ACMP Midwest quarterly newsletter   learn more about the new Board of Directors, the direction of the chapter, upcoming events, and more!

Welcome to the 2019-2020 Board of Directors

On June 1, ACMP Midwest inducted a new Board of Directors. With a mix of new and familiar faces, 2019 will be an exciting time for the chapter.

"The energy from our Board of Directors this year continues to bring our mission to life – as ACMP Midwest, we engage, grow and empower a thriving Midwest community of change professionals, champions and allies. We are advancing the practice of change management, strengthening and building partnerships, and continuing to generate the highest value for our community and members," says Stephanie Waite, President.

"During the next two years we want to increase our visibility, engagement, and sustainability,” says Kristine Reynolds, Vice President. “We can do this by creating a thriving volunteer program. We have the largest chapter under the ACMP umbrella and I would love to increase the connections within that community.


“We are redefining what 'change' means in the Midwest, and our vision echoes that we are the premiere source for change leadership and change management expertise and capability. We are your professional home in the Midwest,” Stephanie Waite, President.

Join us at the Midwest Change Connect Conference on October 29

The Midwest Change Connect Conference (MCC) is back! MCC brings together professionals from across the Midwest to engage in networking opportunities and impactful educational sessions from business and thought leaders. The theme of the conference is Humanizing Change in the 4IR: Maximizing Human Connectivity in the Digital Age.

  • Evolve: Leading change in the emerging ‘Future of work’ ecosystem (e.g., alternative workforce, digital natives, data-driven organization, and artificial intelligence).  
  • Embrace: Incorporating enterprise change agility to deliver successful initiatives in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) environment.  
  • Experience: Driving innovative change practices to create an employee-centric culture in the digital era.  
  • Embed: Embedding the role of change management in business transformations and technology implementations.  

Keynote Speaker - Paul Gibbons. First 100 registrants will receive a copy of Paul's newest book on change, Impact! 21st Century Change Management, Behavioral Science, Digital Transformation, and Future of Work, due to be released later this summer!

Register today to join us at a new location – Convene, 16 W. Adams Street, Chicago, IL an event and flexible work space perfect for working in the 4IR. The early bird rate is available by clicking HERE

Change X-Change: A lively workshop sharing best practices where attendees are the X-Factor!

Using a round-robin approach, an individual in need of a fresh perspective will have one minute to pitch a change-related issue to the room - no clarifying or further explanation permitted - then quietly listen to input. Then, during the next four minutes everyone “in the field” can call out to offer alternative ideas that the person may want to explore. After five total minutes have elapsed, a new person steps up from the on-deck circle and we repeat the Change X-Change. In one hour, you can hear 12 different challenges and exchange dozens of ideas. Whether you’re pitching or fielding ideas, we’re all learning and connecting in a fun, new way. 

Details: Sept. 12, 5:30-8:15 p.m., sponsored by Slalom, AON building at 200 East Randolph Street, Suite 3700, Chicago, IL

Member – $25.00, non-member – $35.00. Register HERE

ACMP Midwest is seeking volunteers to help grow the community!  

During the next two years, chapter leadership is committed to increasing visibility, engagement, and sustainability. One way to do this is through the creation of a thriving volunteer program. We are thrilled to announce that Kevin Lovell has stepped into the role of Volunteer Committee Chair to design and execute a best-in-class volunteer program. Kevin has years of experience volunteering in multiple organizations, and brings to the table a vision for the ACMP Midwest Chapter.  

The ACMP Midwest Chapter is the largest under the ACMP umbrella and we are seeking to enhance the connections within that community and raise the visibility of our members through volunteering. Our goal is to provide opportunities for members to lend their talents in ways that work best for them. That could include a single or multi-year committee role, working registration at an event, helping to improve and document a process, or lending a hand to bring the annual conference to life. We are encouraging members to seek volunteer opportunities that will contribute to personal development.  

If you are an active member of ACMP, please complete the volunteer survey today. We look forward to hearing from you!

Upcoming Events

ACMP Midwest Chapter

  • Webinars 
    • Three Agile Tools to Help Managers Stop Worrying and Start Championing the ChangeAug. 27, noon-1 p.m. (CDT)
    • Strategic & Authentic Career Branding, Sept. 25noon - 1 p.m. (CDT)
  • NetworkingChange X-ChangeSept. 12, 5:30-8:15 p.m.
  • Conferences/workshops

ACMP Global events

  • Webinar: The Change Mindset, Aug. 2211 to noon, CDT
  • Conferences: 
    • Change Management Regional Conference -Frankfurt, Germany, Oct. 28-29, 2019
    • ACMP Global Conference - Change Management 2020, Anaheim, California, May 3-6, 2020

ACMP Resource Library

Check out ACMP’s Resource Library where you can find useful resources to build your change management knowledge from experts around the globe. In particular:

  • CCMP coaching call recordings available under "Public Webinars."
  • CCMP graduates can accrue PDUs by watching past webinars.

Relive all the magic from the Annual Conference!

This year’s Annual Conference was the largest conference in ACMP’s history with more than 1,200 attendees and nearly 100 speakers.ACMP is ensuring you can continue the conversation from #ACMP2019 with theConference Presentation Bundle. Access more than 50 general presentations within the six education tracks throughout the whole year. To register and take advantage of this special offer, please click HERE

Looking for your next career role?

ACMP's Career Center may have the role you are looking for! Right now, we have a number of director-level job postings in various industries from Louisiana to New York to Canada. Interested? Check out our Career Center and come back often to see what's new. Hiring soon?Purchase a job posting. As an ACMP member, you save $60.

Chicago Change Up - A Success!

In May, ACMP Midwest hosted its spring Change Up event in the heart of downtown Chicago. More than 50 local change management professionals from Chicago, Wisconsin, and Indiana came together to connect and network in an informal setting. Some of the feedback included:

“It was a great opportunity to connect with old friends and meet new people. I think it helps to build a stronger community within ACMP Midwest.”

“Met a lot of nice people, great event!”

“We were thrilled to see people enjoying the connections and stay past the end of the event, which we take as a huge plus. Stay tuned, as we are already planning our next Chicago Change Up event for the end of the summer!” says Mariam Huss, ACMP Midwest Membership Committee.

News of Interest

Member spotlight: Jeroen Celis  

What kind of work do you do? I am the Founder and Chief Transformation Officer of Anteeam Consulting, helping my clients deliver sustainable transformation and integration in their change initiatives; my main focus has been on the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical devices industry.

How long have you been an ACMP member and volunteer? I became a member in 2017 and a volunteer with the Marketing & Communications Committee in 2018.

Why is being a part of the ACMP community important to you? Throughout my career, I have worked almost exclusively on transformation programs with a business integration focus and a “change mindset” even when not in a formal organizational change management (OCM) position. After my first OCM lead role and completing the Prosci Change Management certification in 2017, I wanted to continue expanding my network via ACMP and give back by volunteering. It is a fun experience, and I recommend it to everyone. I find it inspiring to meet and interact with passionate professionals and learn from each other.

What are you looking forward to professionally this year? New transformation project challenges at work and obtaining CCMP® certification. I want to continue my involvement with ACMP and grow myself and my business in the change space.

What do you do for fun? Playing the guitar is my main passion, and I recently started a new band. The process of creating and bringing each other’s music to the next level is both exciting and relaxing. I also love traveling and listening to audiobooks; swimming is my favorite way to stay in shape. 

Answer a few questions to be featured in a future edition!

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