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Seasons of Change

Fall 2020

ACMP Midwest introduces 6 new Directors

ACMP Midwest has added six exceptional individuals to its board of directors, says Stephanie Waites, President. “Their skills and experience will be an asset to our board during these next two years. We look forward to growing with their new perspectives.”

Below each new board member describes what they are looking forward to during their tenure:

  • Alex Yates, Treasurer, “Getting more people connected to new people and finding innovative ways to exchange ideas.”
  • Donya Flohr, Secretary, “I’m looking forward to helping this amazing group of experts elevate change management as a discipline and profession.”
  • Christy Moody, Membership, “I'm most looking forward to finding creative and relevant ways to increase member engagement in the virtual environment we find ourselves in this year.”
  • Barbara O'Loughlin, Chapter Development, “I'm looking forward to being a 'Change Creator' - creating opportunities for people to connect, designing solutions that are valuable and illustrating how to pivot when the ground below keeps shifting.”
  • Sarika Sidhu, Events, “To help make ACMP Midwest be the premiere source for top quality change management experience and resources through all our events, whether they be networking, learning or social.”
  • Sarah Lugo, Marketing & Communications, “Growing this wonderful community of change professionals by communicating new exciting ways to connect and learn.”

ACMP Midwest membership continues to grow

Nineteen new members joined ACMP Midwest as their primary chapter in the first 10 weeks of the fiscal year. While 11 of the 19 reside in one of the 3 states that make up the ACMP Midwest chapter, 8 joined the chapter from the wider Midwest area and beyond. During this same timeframe, there were 36 membership renewals.

The Membership Committee has been brainstorming ideas to enhance the member experience and create more opportunities for engagement during the pandemic, such as Virtual Happy Hours with other members. Stay tuned for a Member Engagement Survey launching this fall. We’ll ask you for feedback on what’s working well and what could be improved. Don’t miss this chance for your voice to be heard in creating a better member experience!

Get involved, make connections in the ACMP Midwest community

The strength of the ACMP Midwest community lies in the expertise and experiences of our members. Opportunities are available to help develop and influence chapter programs throughout the year while you expand your network, gain new insights and share best practices.  Fill out the volunteer form below or contact volunteer@acmpmidwest.org for more information.

Call for Panelists

As we grow our special interest activities, we are asking the ACMP Midwest community to recommend or participate as panelists in upcoming virtual events. These events will discuss topics relevant to current interests and how they relate to change. Topics under discussion include the impact of back-to-school on the parent workforce, consulting and women in a time of Covid-19, the future of work, and changing the focus around diversity and inclusion (D&I). If you or someone you know is a manager-level female in the consulting field, (preferably Big 4), D&I change leader, or D&I officer contact Sarika Sidhu, Director of Events at events@acmpmidwest.org with your interest or referral.

Tell us what you think, no really!
A tab has been added to the ACMP Midwest website called, "Suggestion Box." We'd like members to provide suggestions and feedback at any time. We're looking for new ideas or ways to conduct networking, education or other member events. Members are also encouraged to offer praise for a job well done or observations. All feedback is anonymous and will be acted upon.

Classes for you

ACMP Midwest has several learning opportunities for members in the coming months. To learn more or to register for the above educational events, please go to this link: https://acmpmidwest.org/events.

Volunteer Spotlight

Ashleigh A Brookshaw, MA, Manager, Community Engagement, American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP)

What kind of work do you? I work for a membership-based association for occupational safety and health professionals. I manage four Diversity, Equity & Inclusion groups and an online community for 40,000+ safety professionals. I’m also an independent consultant for organizations implementing digital change management.

How long have you been an ACMP member and volunteer? A board member spoke to my graduate class about the change management profession, which was when I realized that was what I've been doing all along. I believe volunteering is an excellent way to gain professional experience and meet new colleagues. I’ve been a member of ACMP for 4 years and volunteering on and off for three.

Why is being a part of the ACMP community important to you? I was trained as a Change Agent in 2009 and have worked on change management initiatives and campaigns since then. ACMP is a great way to learn new techniques, network with other change practitioners and upgrade my skills. I enjoy interacting with other professionals to learn how they do things.

What do you wish more people in the business world knew or understood about Change Management?  Change Management skills and expertise are transferable to a variety of industries, especially in today’s world where change is so rapid, especially digitally. I think the current social climate will pose an interesting opportunity for future change management professionals as organizations adapt to better serve customers do business.

What are you looking forward to professionally? I’ve been speaking at conferences and doing training, so I’m looking forward to continuing that.

What do you do for fun?  I like to read, cook and travel. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has put a damper on my travel plans.

ACMP Midwest is a 501(c)(6) organization

Email: membership@ACMPmidwest.org
332 South Michigan Avenue, Suite 1032-A42
Chicago, Illinois 60604-4434

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