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  • Creative Problem Solving – Engaging People to Collaborate & Innovate During Change

Creative Problem Solving – Engaging People to Collaborate & Innovate During Change

  • 04/07/2020
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • Webinar


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Creative Problem Solving – Engaging People to Collaborate & Innovate During Change


Strategy, technology and process are necessary but not sufficient to deliver change initiatives. We need a deeper understanding of People and how they take action in the creative problem-solving process. How can we engage people’s strengths and spirits to build the capability to collaborate and innovate, to navigate change and transformation?

Why attend?

In this one-hour interactive session, Lori Lovens will share actionable insights that explain the underlying patterns and human dynamics of creative problem-solving. We’ll explore a new lens on strengths in the change process that helps us understand why it’s so difficult to work with some people and so easy with others. Finally, through a case study of leadership teams, we’ll reveal how diverse people and perspectives are “Better Together When We’re Different,” yet also the source of potential conflict, miscommunication, and silos.

Learning/Skills Objectives

  1. Understand three key dimensions of “human strengths” and how they relate to “people problems” 

  2. Gain insight into the sources of conflicts, blind spots and inertia in the process of change and transformation

  3. Discover the four “jobs to be one” in creative problem-solving and how to distinguish them

Speaker: Lori Lovens

Lori Lovens is a dynamic innovator who delivered hundreds of millions of dollars of product innovation growth for Gatorade and other global brands. She has served as team member, project leader, marketing director, innovation coach, consultant, and VP Culture of Innovation.

At Innovation Savvy, Lori is leading the emerging field of The Human Dynamics of Innovation™, Change and Transformation. She brings breakthrough frameworks and data-driven insights…a strengths-based analysis of how people and teams take action in response to risk, uncertainty and ambiguity…to predict and improve how leaders and organizations navigate chaos and order as well as leadership and organizational transformations.

Lori earned her MBA from The University of Michigan. She is a Mentor at 1871 and is active in Conscious Capitalism and the global Art of Hosting Community of Practice. Lori’s clients range from the Global 100 to growth-stage tech companies as well as local and global nonprofits.

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