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Seasons of Change

Summer 2020

Dear ACMP Midwest member,

We are thinking of you. On behalf of the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP) Midwest Chapter and the Board of Directors, I want to thank you for everything you’re doing to ensure the highest level of safety and health for our local communities, families, teams and organizations, all over the world. We are sending you and your families positive and healing energy, especially if you or someone close to you has been affected by COVID-19.

ACMP Midwest is here to energize you, keep you connected and provide a safe place of support through world-class learning experiences, an active connection to other members, and access to resources that keep you leading at the forefront of change. This is a time that change professionals have trained for, we’ve developed competencies and behaviors, and built our change management repertoire to prepare us for these moments – to serve as role models to lead into an ideal future state.

Times like these shine a light on the most critical and deepest needs of ourselves, and those around us. Please take care of yourselves and the people closest to you. A year from now we will look back and be proud of the way we led through this crisis. Please reach out anytime. You can find ways to connect and engage with us at www.acmpmidwest.org, LinkedIn, or send a note if there is something we can do to support you.

All my best,


Stephanie Waite, MSLOC, BSEd
President, ACMP Midwest

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Call for volunteers, two positions open

We are always looking for volunteers to support the ACMP Midwest Chapter mission. If you're interested, please send an email to Volunteer@ACMPmidwest.org or fill out the volunteer interest form.

Two specific positions are open on the operations team for the upcoming volunteer year June 1, 2020 through May 31, 2022. These include:

Operations Technology Lead 
This person leads and manages all technology-related operations, including the current Microsoft Office 365 and Wild Apricot systems. In addition, the person in this role strives for continuous improvement and efficiency in the procurement and use of technology. Help the chapter identify & recommend technologies that can improve efficiencies and processes. Candidates should have a strong understanding of technology.

Operations Standardization Lead 
This person leads the charge in defining and documenting of Standard Operational Processes for the Chapter. As the Chapter continues to mature, this role is responsible for ensuring that processes and procedures are adhered to consistently. This includes working with other Board of Director committees to identify and document their current processes and procedures, as well as governing the overall process for how that is completed. The person in this role has a strong appreciation for consistency and structure.  

Note: Volunteers must be ACMP members.

NEW! Chew on This 

Mark your calendars for Chew on This – a new monthly conversation with ACMP Midwest’s President.

Join us for Chew on This, a lively 30-minute conversation hosted by ACMP Midwest President, Stephanie Waite. Discover and discuss change trends, articles, and ideas. Commit 30 minutes to connect, think differently, and chew on something new! Join us the third Tuesday of every month from Noon  12:30 pm, CT.

The first conversation is May 19 and the topic is “Keeping Our Sanity during Insane Times: Leading Ourselves and Our Teams through Crisis and Uncertainty.”

See the Events Page for more information.

Survey says: Members love networking, connections and friendships

Thank you to all the members who took time to complete the annual member survey. This survey provides a way for chapter members to share their perspectives directly with the Board of Directors. Your feedback helps drive the strategy and shape the future of ACMP Midwest, providing the guidance for how we can best serve our membership.

A couple of fun facts that we learned from this survey: 68% of our members have 4 or more years of experience and over half of our members have been with us for 3 or more years.  Thank you for your continued membership!

Here's what you love about being a part of ACMP Midwest:

  • Events to network and socialize with other members in the community
  • Professional development through workshops, webinars and Midwest Change Connect
  • Connections and friendships
  • Credibility from membership in the Association of Change Management Professionals

Here's what you'd like to see more of

  • Events spread out within our Chapter geographic area: Milwaukee, Madison, Indianapolis, Chicago suburbs  
  • Event opportunities - both in-person and virtual
  • ACMP Midwest as a resource for change industry news and trends
  • Individual member successes celebrated

Tune into the Annual Meeting on May 20 to hear more. Thank you for making the ACMP Midwest Chapter your professional home!

Upcoming Events

ACMP Midwest Change Connect Conference Save the Date: September 24, 2021!

The 2020 Midwest Change Connect Conference (MCC) has been postponed until next year given the uncertain nature of the current environment. We want to ensure the utmost safety of our members and we are taking this time to create a spectacular event for 2021.

If you are a previous attendee, be sure to check out past MCC presentations (attendees only) from 2019 and the events below to stay connected!

ACMP Midwest

Register here for ACMP Midwest events.

  • May 19, Noon  12:30 pm, CT, Chew on This: Keeping Our Sanity during Insane Times, Leading Ourselves and Our Teams through Crisis and Uncertainty 
  • May 20, Noon  1:00 pm, CT, ACMP Midwest 2020 Annual Meeting (new Board of Directors will be announced!)
  • June 16, Noon  12:30 pm, CT, Chew on This: Launching into the New Beginning: Combating Change Fatigue, Resistance & Cynicism with "Ideal State Mentality"
  • June 23, Noon – 1:00 pm, CT, The ART of Integrating Change Management
  • July 15, Noon – 1:00 pm, CT, Building Your Influence in a Cross-Functional Environment
  • July 21, Noon  12:30 pm, CT, Chew on This
  • August 18, Noon  12:30 pm, CTChew on This
  • August 26, Noon  1:00 pm, CT, Creating Agility in a Time of Dynamic Change

ACMP Global

  • May 12, 11:00  noon, CT, The New Age of Change Management is Change Enablement

  • May 20, 10:00  11:00 am, CT: CCMP Ongoing Maintenance Requirements

  • May 28, 11:00  noon, CT, Surviving and Improving Change in Disruption 

  • May 28, 9:30  10:30 am, CT, Get Help with your CCMP Application

Register here for ACMP Global events.


Midwest recordings (must be a member to access)

ACMP Resource Library

Check out ACMP’s Resource Library where you can find useful resources to build your change management knowledge from experts around the globe. In particular:

  • CCMP coaching call recordings available under "Public Webinars."
  • CCMP graduates can accrue PDUs by watching past webinars.

Volunteer Spotlight

Pamela Schumacher, MS, CCMPSenior Change Management Leader, Robust Process  Improvement Department, The Joint Commission

What kind of work do you? I work for The Joint Commission, the nation’s oldest and largest health care accrediting body. My role is to train and mentor more than 150 Change Agents who work on process improvement issues throughout the company. I also lead large-scale change initiatives, mentor executives and conduct strategic planning retreats. And I'm currently a showrunner for a twice weekly Zoom livestream event for all employees.

How long have you been an ACMP member and volunteer? I joined in 2018 and since May 2019 I became the newsletter writer, editor, designer and publisher.

Why is being a part of the ACMP community important to you? I was trained as a Change Agent in 2009 and have worked on change management initiatives and campaigns since then. ACMP is a great way to learn new techniques, network with other change practitioners and upgrade my skills. I enjoy interacting with other professionals to learn how they do things.

What do you wish more people in the business world knew or understood about Change Management? I’d like people to understand that technology can give you the coolest solution, but if you don’t take the time to bring people along, all your work can be a waste of time.

What are you looking forward to professionally? Last year (2019) I achieved CCMP certification and also Lean, Six Sigma Green Belt certification. I’m using what I learned from both accomplishments and enjoying not studying for an exam!

What do you do for fun? I line dance and sing folk music with my husband. In fact, every year I attend the Windy City Line Dance Mania convention in Rosemont, Illinois. I also planned on going to folk music camp in Ashville, North Carolina, this summer, but that won't happen until next year.

ACMP Midwest is a 501(c)(6) organization

Email: membership@ACMPmidwest.org
332 South Michigan Avenue, Suite 1032-A42
Chicago, Illinois 60604-4434

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