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Spring 2021

Candidates sought for Board of Director openings

The ACMP Midwest Chapter Call for Candidates is now open! There are four open Board positions, three with a two-year commitment and one role, Treasurer, with a one-year commitment. This is your opportunity to gain Board experience, develop yourself professionally, and use your talents to give back to the change community. For detailed role descriptions, click here. 

Open positions for the term commencing June 1, 2021 and ending May 31, 2023 include:

  • Director of Operations: Manages chapter technology and provides guidance and leadership for chapter processes and procedures. This role provides the framework that enables the Chapter to operate across portfolios and in an efficient, effective manner. 
  • Director of Learning & Professional Development: This role is critical in identifying, sourcing, and executing learning and professional development events that provide value to our members. 
  • Director of Strategic RelationshipsDevelop and manage strategic relationships with sponsors, membership, corporations, and peer associations across the chapter geographic area (WI, IL, IN) with the goal of furthering the purpose and outcomes of the Chapter. 

Open position for the term commencing June 1, 2021 ending May 31, 2022:

  • Treasurer: Collaborates with the other board members to create a budget, forecast revenue and expenses, and provides regular reporting to the full board on the financial health of the chapter.  

Visit the website to learn more about the roles, expectations and to submit a candidate interest form. These forms can only be submitted by ACMP members, and only ACMP Midwest-affiliated members may serve on the ACMP MW Board.

    Strategic relationships key to Chapter mission

    Steve Dickey, a certified Prosci® Change Practitioner and partner at Maxxwell Partners, has been named the acting Director of Strategic Relationship on the ACMP Midwest Board of Directors.

    “Our ACMP Midwest mission is to engage, grow, and empower a thriving community of change professionals, champions, and allies,” says Dickey. “We look to establish mutually beneficial strategic relationships with sponsors and partners to deliver on that mission. If you or your company is interested in being a sponsor, let’s talk. Contact me at StratRel.Director@acmpmidwest.org. I look forward to hearing from you!”

    Synopsis: Membership Engagement Pulse Survey

    More than 90 members responded to the recent Membership Engagement Pulse Survey, says Christy Moody, Membership Director, which represents 16 percent of total active ACMP Midwest members, 

    “Overall, we found that people are satisfied with their ACMP Midwest chapter affiliation and happy about the communication,” says Moody. “This was good news and we will capitalize on what is working well and experiment with new ways to create an even more effective membership experience. Specifically in the 2021 and beyond, we will focus on increasing the frequency of networking events and building quality content. Plans are underway to launch more opportunities for connection and learning through innovative educational webinars, communities of practice, peer partnerships, and topical panel discussions."

    If you have any questions about the membership survey report, send an email to Christy Moody, Membership Director.

    Volunteer for ACMP Midwest Change Connect Conference

    Great at organizing events? Looking to get involved? Have some spare time to give back? Then join us as we plan the ACMP Midwest Change Connect (MCC) Conference to be held September 23! There are numerous ways to get involved:

    • Speakers and content
    • Marketing
    • Sponsorships
    • Logistics or technology
    • Budget

    As an MCC volunteer you network with peers and the Board of Directors, and receive a discount to the actual conference. If interested, click the button and join us!

    Volunteer for MCC on September 23! 

    Cheers for Change – Words of the Year!

    ACMP Midwest Membership Committee continued its virtual meet and greet in January with a New Year’s focused Cheers for Change! This time it was a happy hour event where we provided our individual “Words of the Year.” The idea is that instead of setting a lot of different New Year’s resolutions, we selected one single word to be the focus for the year. To warm up, we shared a few words that had meaning for us and that we wanted to carry into 2021. See the word cloud on the left.

    Participants then joined breakout rooms to discuss a variety of topics such as vision casting for 2021, how to rephrase or reposition messages, and a motivational roundtable of quotes, sayings, and mantras to keep us moving forward in 2021. The group came back together to share discussion highlights and the words of the year we each selected. Overall, it was a great event, and we hope you can join us at our next Cheers for Change on April 1, at 4:00 p.m., CST.  

    ACMP Midwest upcoming events

    Mark your calendars for these upcoming events. Most are free, others offer a discount to Chapter members. Click here for details and to register. 

    • March 4, 11, 18, 25: jTask CCMP Training* – On consecutive Thursdays over the course of four weeks, you’ll explore each paragraph of the CCMP Standard and learn how to apply it in your change management practice.
    • March 16: Chew On This: We're Lucky, Building A Successful Change Practice Internally & through Consulting
    • March 23: Adapt or Die: Using Effective Change Management Principles to Make Change Stick for Modernizing a 1978 Organization
    • April 1: Cheers for Change! Network with other Change Management Practitioners
    • May 4-6: Prosci 3-Day Event* – eLearning (repeat program)
    • September 23: ACMP Midwest Change Connect (MCC) Conference*
    *ACMP Midwest Chapter members receive a discount.

      Volunteer Spotlight

      Davey Uhan, Manager, Change Management Office, WESCO/Anixter, Intl.

      What kind of work do you? My team and I plan, rollout and manage major change initiatives happening across our organization. We have a dedicated Change Management Office where I get to work alongside some of the most AMAZING change practitioners I’ve ever worked with. We’ve become like a small family this past year – especially after COVID-19 hit – and we lean on one another for support (both personal and professional). I feel so fortunate!

      How long have you been an ACMP member and volunteer? I joined ACMP (both global and the Midwest Chapter) a few years ago, although admittedly, didn’t start getting involved until about 1 year ago. For a long time, I traveled for work (upwards of 90% each week), which didn’t leave me much time to get involved or attend ACMP Midwest events. But with all of our events being virtual due to COVID-19, I’ve been able to attend SO MANY, which has been awesome! I look forward to getting back to in-person events, but I also appreciate how accessible our virtual events have become.

      What do you do as volunteer? OK, OK… this is the fun part! I volunteer on the Marketing & Communications Committee and manage ACMP Midwest’s social media presence including social media planning, creating new content, pushing out posts, managing messaging, and analyzing social media metrics. It is SO MUCH FUN and has given me the opportunity to make many great friendships and connections within our ACMP Midwest community. It’s a whole new skill set I’ve acquired and has truly fed the creative side of my brain this past year.

      Why did you join ACMP? I joined ACMP (and the ACMP Midwest chapter, more specifically) because I wanted to find a professional change management community that could provide me fellowship, learning opportunities and professional support. I literally stumbled my way into the change management profession several years back, so for me it was important to find “my people,” and I really do feel like I have with this group. 

      What do you wish more people in the business world knew or understood about Change Management? Good question! I wish people in the business world understood how important it is to engage the Change Management team EARLY ON in any project or initiative. The earlier the better! 

      What are you looking forward to professionally? I have a few professional goals for 2021. Each of them has a creative component which excites me. 

      What do you do for fun? My partner and I love to travel, try new restaurants and explore areas around us (on foot!). We recently moved to Seattle (from Milwaukee), so we’re really enjoying exploring this incredible new city. We cannot wait for the COVID-19 situation to improve so we can start traveling again; especially since we’re on the West Coast and are so close to Vancouver and Portland – two cities that we love! #BonVoyage

      ACMP Midwest is a 501(c)(6) organization

      Email: membership@ACMPmidwest.org
      332 South Michigan Avenue, Suite 1032-A42
      Chicago, Illinois 60604-4434

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