BOARD OF DIRECTORS  |  2018 - 2019

Robin Johnson
Director of Events

Robin is an experienced Organization Effectiveness & Change Management leader with almost 20 years of experience in a variety of industries/environments, including: Pharmaceuticals, Food, Retail, Non-Profit and Printing, specializing in post merger & acquisition integrations.

Robin’s introduction to change leadership came while working on six sigma projects. She frequently questioned her teammates about whether they were including the owners of the processes they were improving.

She was later baptized by fire in change leadership when she began working for a Fortune 500 company, who had acquired another popular brand. The result of the acquisition was costly and chaotic. The employees, and union leadership, of the acquired company were not happy and it showed when this business unit begin losing $800K/month.

The environment was very combative, an "us vs them" environment at its worst. Employees from the acquired company didn't trust the leadership and the leadership didn't do much to build relationships either. Union leadership was uncooperative, so rarely were past practices, that contradicted best practices and new ways of working, given up.

It was in this very difficult environment that Dr Rob figured out how to drive change through the people, including the union leadership, and in 18 months, they were able to turn the operation around.

Managing large-scale transformations, by assessing the impact of change on the organization, assessing the readiness of the organization to go through the change process, managing leadership engagement, redesigning organizational structures, and coaching leaders through the transformations are areas of expertise.

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